#About me

The name is Sudip Ghimire. I am currently living in Pokhara, Nepal. In early 2019, I was told machines are to programmed and I have been hitting keyboard ever since. In early days, I remember myself exploring everything from Game development, 3D modeling, web development to Cyber Security and what not. I belive in creating value.

If I am not wiriting about something random my mind pop me with, you will find me listening to music all the time. Beside those, I love reading blogs, watching fantasy and walking some great miles. And of course I do love watching people behaviour and reaction over several things.

Exploring open source have always been something that keeps me engaged and contributing to such great communities is even more pleasing. Do you know, how fun is it to just install and try new programs, learning about not-so-mature technologies or someone else's hobby project?

#My toolkits

I would like to introduce myself as a software developer who also happened to be activly involved in web development and cloud thing. These are my skills set I am confident enough about along with some of tools I constantly use.

Rust Programming
Substrate framework
Debian Linux
Web Development

#My dirty hands


Everyone loves music (I guess) and few love terminal too. For those few special people who would like to listen music from terminal with a pleasing tui and battery-included features


Primordial Shop

Yeah!! attractive hand made wears to make you ready to shine with. Primordial-shop is an e-commerce webiste based on JAMstack and powered by netlify function with too-fast page loading, beautiful yet simple ui and exactly no more than what buyers want to see.

Project Home


Sleek, configurable and lightweight one page portfolio theme for zola site builder backed by tailwindcss.

Project Home

#My Journey so far

I found my head start in IT field when I was at school in year 2018 and beside the strong foundational knowledge I recived from my school teachers, I tough myself to program and to build real things. I contunied my self learning after school, Joined intenships, Started freelancing, Done projects and I now see better things ahead of me.

I would like to remember the hands that raised me, friends who kept me falling, family relatives who made it possible to keep myself going and everyone who prayed from me. I really feel blessed remembering you guys

Rust/Blockchain Developer

Dec 2021 - July 2022

- iBriz.ai
- Develop substrate-based blockchain node
- Optimize rust codebase
- Work with signature verification with Ethereum bridging
- Develop Airdrop, Crowdloan and similar custom pallets
- Setup and join into kusama relay network
- Rust, substrate, polkadot, blockchain
- Achivements

Web developer Intern

Apr 2019 - Nov 2019

- Codesastra pvt. ltd.
- Communicate, plan and develop in team
- Develop given designed ui and oversee basic backend function
- Deal with clients and document development process
- HTML, CSS, PHP, JS, git
- Achivements

High School Diploma


- Shree Tribhuvan Shanti Model School. Pokhara-30, Nepal
- First Year: Maths, Physics, English, Biology, Chemestry
- Second Year: Maths, Physics, English, Nepali, Chemestry
- Achivements

School Level Board


- Brahma Rupa Secondary School. Pokhara-32, Nepal
- First Year: Web Dev, Electrical, C programming
- Second Year: DBMS, Computer Network, OOP, Microprocessor
- Achivements

Basic Level Education


- Shanti Batika English School. Pokhara-32, Nepal
- Achivements

#Reach out

Pokhara, Nepal

Thank You for your time